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     Titanomachy has been a passion project of mine for the past few years. Take my love for mythology and folklore, add my passion for comics and manga, the result is Titanomachy. As a result of my dyslexia, reading books was always less than ideal. One day when I was in High School my English teacher offered to let me borrow his copy of “MARVELS: Civil War” that began a deep love for comic books. I had always been in love with drawing, after finishing “World War Hulk” I thought to myself “I want to tell stories to my drawings and hopefully one day I can do the same thing for others.”


     Titanomachy takes place in the vast world of Pandora. Life takes many different forms in Pandora, from Humans to the magical beast, Dwarfs, Giants, and Nymphs. Every life form plays a vital role in the world. With having all kinds of magical beings in your backyard, come many dangers. When a threat becomes too great for locals to handle on their own, they call upon factions of mercenaries and bounty hunters, such groups include the Pandora Corps. Our main characters: Atlas, Siris, and Perseus are all members of the Pandora Corps.

Although the Corps is an organized group, each mercenary and bounty hunter is allowed freedom to deal with a contract as they choose to. Some are silent assassins, some are powerful spell casters, others are ruthless warriors, all of them deadly. The Pandora Corps offers members access to exclusive contracts and when any member is in trouble any nearby members of the Corps must assist their fellow members of the Corps. However friendly competition for a contract is more than encouraged.

The first season of Titanomachy, takes us to the jungle filled country of Nezal, as we follow Atlas and Siris as they compete with Perseus, a new member to the Corps, for a contract on a Gorgon that has been terrorizing the nearby towns. The King of Nezal, Lord Xeck placed a contract on the heads of the Gorgon as a result of all the children of the small town of Culle-Vra have gone missing. As Atlas, Siris, and Perseus start to investigate they discover that the situation is much worse than they suspected. Perseus must join forces with Atlas and Siris if he hopes to complete his goal. Perseus looks to learn as much as he can from his newly found allies, he quickly finds that bounty hunting is a much more difficult job than he once thought. He must get past his insecurities and control the power that dwells inside him.

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